Wade Spann served from 2001 to 2005 as an Infantry Assaultman, assigned to 1st Battalion 5th Marine Regiment. He deployed three times to Iraq. During his second deployment, he was wounded by an IED, pulled out of a burning truck by his platoon commander, and dragged to safety by two fellow Marines.

After completing four years of active duty service, Wade drove cross-country, camping with his brother.

After returning home, Wade enrolled at George Washington University, where he was active in veteran issues on campus and Capitol Hill.

After years of trying to find his career path, Wade was compelled last year to take a break from his current career and reconnect with the fellow Marines he had served with. This, he says, was the best decision he could have made at that point in his life.

Now employed by Salesforce, he has found rewarding employment that also allows him to continue his volunteering for veteran organizations.

Through the WarriorStrong experience, Wade wants to build upon the mental and physical accomplishments he gained on his expeditions. He wants to break down the mental shields that he has put up to deal with the pain and loss he has experienced. He hopes to overcome his barriers by pouring himself into nature, camaraderie, and with help, accomplishing a goal larger than himself.  He is excited about the opportunity to share the lessons he’s learned with other veterans in the backcountry.