An Army Retiree, Omar Delgado served 20 years active duty and three years in the reserves. Enlisting in the Reserves when he was 17 as a Generator Mechanic, he served two years before deciding to enlist in the active component as a field artillery cannon crew member.  After finishing advanced individual training, he was sent to Fort Lewis. He changed his speciality to Transportation Coordinator and was shipped to Korea, where he would be stationed two more times during his career. He’s also been assigned to the 3rd Infantry and 101st Airborne Divisions, and deployed with both to former Republic of Yugoslavia-Macedonia and Iraq twice.

In Iraq, he was in the famous Green Zone in Baghdad for 13 months, and worked negotiating with Iraqi businesses on Army projects. His second tour was during the 2007 surge at Camp Anaconda where he was in charge of a Movement Control Team that oversaw the movement of all cargo in Sunni Triangle north of Baghdad. He also served in Germany before returning to his last duty station in Virginia where he retired. He now works at Fort Lee, VA, as a training developer for tactical electrical power, which he enjoys because if he can influence soldier behavior to save energy on the battlefield, it means fewer soldiers transporting fuel, which saves lives.

Since he retired, he has found joy in being outside enjoying biking, trail running and adventure racing. He loves the mental challenge of the marathon and ultra-marathon distance and ran back to back marathons in one weekend. Through WarriorStrong, he hopes to demonstrate that veterans still have the endurance, commitment, teamwork to be successful in any situation. He wants to share his story and the message that there are no barriers that we cannot overcome, whether they be physical, social, or mental.