Joe Sinnwell is from from Adel, IA, and was a U. S. Army MEDEVAC helicopter Crew Chief. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 and then later to Kuwait, where his unit forward deployed into Iraq during the height of the ISIS insurgency in 2014. His tour in Iraq included 50+ MEDEVAC missions to support U.S. Military, NATO forces, local military and police, as well as civilian personnel. These missions ranged from routine patient transfer to critical condition patients with massive combat trauma. Joe continues to serve in the Army National Guard.

Joe has enjoyed working in the financial industry for a little over nine years and recently graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Financial Management. Outside of work and school, he enjoys cheering for the Denver Broncos and fishing. He spends most of his time with his fiance, Nicole, her son, Ryker, and his six-year-old boxer. They are all eager to welcome a baby boy in July.

Although he has had a successful career, he was encouraged to apply after struggling with PTSD and other medical conditions. He was losing relationships with friends and family, struggling at work, started failing courses, and began to isolate. It started off as panic attacks and snowballed into so much more. The news that they were expecting a child gave him his “why” again.

Through the WarriorStrong experience, Joe hopes to cap this most difficult time with an incredible accomplishment, surrounded by veterans with similar stories. He is eager to expand his understanding of overcoming hardship through conversations with his team on the trail while learning what others have done to be successful in their daily life. At the same time, he wants to encourage and support others by sharing his story. He believes this expedition will provide a much needed reminder of the grit and determination he possesses to overcome obstacles. Through this journey, he wants to close a chapter of his life that has been both difficult and rewarding.