No Barriers Warriors - 2018 Expedition - Mount Whitney, CA - Sponsored by Wells Fargo

2018 Expedition – Mount Whitney, CA

This September the expedition will trek to Mount Whitney, CA
2018 Warrior Strong: The Journey Continues

 No Barriers - Wells Fargo

Five years ago, Wells Fargo expanded its commitment to helping military service members, veterans and military families by sponsoring No Barriers Warriors through its Warriors to Summits expedition series. In 2018, the expedition will focus on the valued attributes that veterans bring to our communities and workforces, emphasizing what veterans are capable of when given a chance.

No Barriers Warriors and Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) are seeking veterans with disabilities for their 2018 Warrior Strong: The Journey Continues expedition. This epic journey is designed to provide rigorous mental and physical challenges that help veterans reflect on their past, recognize where they are now, and develop a vision for their future. The 2018 Warrior Strong: The Journey Continues expedition will include a team of 12 veterans, including 4 alumni from previous No Barriers Warriors expeditions.



The reality of it was the mountain wasn't my barrier that I had to overcome. There was a lot of stuff on the inside that I had to work through and overcome myself personally. - Jim Stanek Jr., U.S. Army Veteran & No Barriers Warriors Alum